What can Dichroic window film bring to you


Dichroic window films combine beauty, radiant light and color with extraordinary technology to create a unique, affordable solution for interior glass surfaces. The shimmering color-shifting films are made with premium materials and are available in warm and cool tones.

Dichroic film is designed to mimic the brilliant iridescent look of pigment-less butterfly wings.


Dichroic Film is an adhesive transparent film that provides a dichroic color effect, meaning it appears to change color when viewed at various angles. The “Blaze” Product shifts colors in the warm tones of cyan/blue/magenta in transmission and red/gold color regions of the spectrum in reflection. The “Chill” Product shifts colors in the cool tones of blue/magenta/yellow in transmission and gold/blue color regions of the spectrum in reflection. The brilliant color shift is visible from both sides of the Products and is influenced by the environment in which the Products are used, including the lighting, the viewing angle, and the mounting surface color. The Products are a premium grade, multi-layer polymeric film that is non-metallic, non-conductive, and non-corrosive.

Add visual beauty and privacy

Domestic glass laminating gives a new and unique look to a building at a fraction of the cost of other renovations and does not cause inconvenience to the occupants. Its deep dye film, half reflection or total reflection film, color and pattern rich and complete, for the design provides a wide range of space.

From the inside to the outside, the household glass lamination is comfortable and pleasant, blocking strong light and without distortion of scenery. Look from the outside inside, the appearance of household glass lamination is consistent, add aesthetic feeling to the bedroom; The translucent or daylight one-way membrane attached to the inside of your window also lets in light, but blocks others' eyes from casting into the room.


Dichroic window films ‘play’ with the light, reflecting and bouncing it to reveal a natural color spectrum. The resulting effect is of a look of true Dichroic glass but at a fraction of the cost and installation time.

Post time: Jul-13-2020