Introduction to the production principle and application of Iridescent film

Iridescent film is a brand new, high-tech decorative plastic film material. A production equipment with a length of more than 20 meters slowly inhales crystal clear plastic particles, and from the other end comes a roll of colorful rainbow iridescent film. Using the principle of light interference, white light enters the film from the outside, interferes with light, and then reflects back to produce colorful colors. When the viewing angle of the rainbow iridescent film is changed or the color is lined with different background colors, the color and luster will also change, creating a colorful and distinctive packaging decoration effect, opening up a new field for product packaging. The magic is that without adding any dyes or printing colors throughout the production process, the transparency and dazzling visual effect of the film itself can be maintained, which is impossible to achieve by transparent films or color films with master batch added or printed. Moreover, the cost of iridescent film is much lower than that of aluminized film or laser film, which is a major breakthrough in the application of color film..

Iridescent film subsequent processing applications: the application fields of iridescent film are very wide.

laminated with opaque paper, plastic film or textiles: can be used for gift packaging, hard boxes and pipe decorative surfaces, greeting cards, menus, shopping bags, ribbons, self-adhesive labels, Trademarks, covers of books and magazines, etc.

Iridescent film laminated with transparent materials: can be processed and shredded for textile processing or engraved into powder for cosmetics and pigments. It can also be directly used for gift packaging, layout display, handicraft materials, stage scenery, festival decorations and ribbons, garlands, etc.

Iridescent film laminated with thicker thermoplastic materials: can be used as thermoformed packaging display products, lampshades, placemats, shower curtains, blackout curtains, umbrellas and raincoats, handbags, straps, dressing b ox shells, etc.


Post time: Sep-23-2020